Things to do in the area... 

  • Kayaking:  The Inn is in a terrific location for kayakers who want to get to the islands and reefs of the muscle shoals channel . 
    • The islands in the muscle ridge channel are among the best kayaking on the coast,  and the inn has great access (mostly by a 5-10 minute drive) to launch sites.    Getting  to the islands, once launched,  requires a 2-3 mile traverse across water with some strong tidal currents, so caution/weather and tide watch is in order.
    • You can launch right from the inn property,  but only at half tide or better, so generally just quick paddles from there.
    • The nearest all-tide launch is at the Hurricane Island/Outward Bound  mainland base, which is only half a mile up Clark island road from the Inn.  Every once in a while, when they have a class leaving from the site, they put out a sign saying "no launching today."  Otherwise a great launch site, with parking. It shows as Wheeler Bay on the charts.  
    • Two other close all-tide launches are:  1) South Thomaston and 2) Tenants Harbor.  1)  South Thomaston is good for all tides except the last hour of low.  It puts you out in the George River, with a 30-40 minute paddle down to the coast.    There is parking there, and a fine store (The Keag Store) for food.  This is the closest access to Andrews, Dix, Birch, islands.   2) Tenant's harbor is a true all-tide.  Puts you out west and south of the muscle ridge islands.  Tenant's Harbor General Store nearby for food supplies.
    •  You can also launch from Port Clyde (about a 20 minute drive) and put in there (all-tide) for some very nice water on the Muscongus Bay side.  
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