Sustainability at Our Hotel Near Camden, Maine

"We wake up everyday and get to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Maine coastline and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a truly remarkable gift that we do not take for granted. Since taking over the Inn at the beginning of 2019, we have made it our mission to make our hotel near Camden, Maine a model of how to run a business in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious way. We’re always working on improving these efforts, but below is a list of changes that we have implemented to reduce our impact on our environment." Lauren and Greg Soutiea

Environmentally Focused

From the free electric vehicle charging station to luxury Brooklinen and Comphy 100% cotton sheets and towels, you will find our top priorities are our guests’ comfort and reducing our environmental impact. In all of our bathrooms, you’ll find amazing William ROAM amenities, that are completely free of animal testing and dispensed out of multi-use pump containers to avoid disposing of thousands of small plastic bottles each year.


In addition to serving delicious seafood, our Maine restaurant menus feature vegetarian and vegan meal choices. We also source from local vendors whenever possible, which supports the local economy and reduces our carbon footprint in the transport of goods from around the world. Our #1 priority is to ensure you have an amazing getaway, and we are always looking for ways to make that happen in a more sustainable way.

Free electric vehicle charging station (ChargePoint) for guests and visitors to use while in the area, so drive on over and charge up while dining or staying with us at the Inn.

  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Our guest amenities, by William ROAM, use no animal by-products and do not use animals for testing.
  • Use of luxurious 100% cotton sheets, towels and quilts provided by Brooklinen and Comphy.
  • Individually controlled heat zones in all of our guestrooms
  • Use of elegant amenities in a dispenser system for showers that eliminates the need for hundreds of small bottles each year and partially used products
  • Purchase and use of energy efficient appliances
  • Using LED lights
  • Use of dimmable lights throughout common areas and guest rooms
  • Donation of old linens and towels for re-use at our local animal shelter
  • Old bathrobes and unclaimed guest clothing goes to local charities
  • Recycling centers in guestrooms and common areas
  • Housekeepers are trained to remove recyclable goods from rooms (i.e. newspapers, plastic bottles, soda cans)
  • Sharing of our mission to reduce and how guests can participate by re-using towels
  • We purchase cleaning supplies in bulk and use refillable bottles