We are delighted that you are considering The Causeway restaurant at the Craignair Inn for your upcoming gathering, where coastal Maine’s enchantment meets your unique vision. We host cocktail receptions, birthday parties, intimate weddings, and brunch gatherings on Sundays, our dedicated team is ready to craft an experience that speaks to your heart’s desires.

Craignair Causeway deck
Nature’s Canvas Meets Your Vision

Your Coastal Celebration

We are perched on a rugged granite ledge that meets the sea and serves as your canvas. The Causeway, where the ever-changing tides dance around Clark Island, offers picturesque backdrops that’s nothing short of Instagram-worthy. Our spaces, including the dining room with sweeping ocean vistas, the ocean-facing deck, and the Craignair Art Gallery, are your stages for creating lasting memories. Pictures your guests unwinding on the deck during cocktail hour, marveling at the mesmerizing tides’ ebb and flow, and later, finding solace in Adirondack chairs by a glowing fire pit as they toast s’mores and watch the sun descend beyond the horizon.

Embark on Crafting Your Perfect Coastal Maine Celebration

Photo from above of assorted food and drink
Elevating Your Celebration Through Exquisite Cuisine

Your Culinary Journey

Embark on a culinary journey with us where every flavor tells a story and every dish is a work of art. Explore our diverse menus with Chef Gil, each a treasure trove of flavors waiting to be unveiled. Together, we’ll compose a menu that resonates with your vision, ensuring every bite is a harmonious celebration. With Chef Gil at the helm, your event becomes a celebration of culinary excellence. The kitchen team’s dedication to crafting memorable dishes reflects our commitment to making your special day an unforgettable adventure. Our commitment to your culinary delight extends to accommodating diverse palates and dietary preferences, ensuring that every guest can indulge in the joy of your celebration.

a view of the water from Craignair sunset view

Your Coastal Oasis

The Craignair Inn and Causeway is no ordinary venue; it is a magical ocean-side haven nestled in the captivating mid-coast of Maine. Here, we have found the perfect balance – close enough to the quintessential Maine towns of Rockland and Camden for your convenience, yet remote enough to grant you tranquil seclusion. Our inn exudes classic coastal charm, culinary mastery, and an intimacy that makes your celebration an authentic journey.


Beyond the Celebration: Your Coastal Retreat

The Craignair Inn presents sixteen on-site guest rooms, each a unique haven of comfort and charm, offer a cozy sanctuary for up to 36 guests. Our on-site restaurant, The Causeway, caters to culinary delights that are nothing short of extraordinary. Embrace the Maine outdoors with yard games, a fire pit under starlit skies, and hiking expeditions on Clark Island’s scenic trails.

Eat with art in art gallery fireplace intimate table with wine at our restaurant near Rockland, ME

The Keys to Your Exclusive Coastal Celebration

Picture your extraordinary event in the heart of Maine’s coastal splendor, where the rugged landscapes meet the whispering tides, and your dream celebration becomes reality. At the Craignair Inn and Causeway restaurant, we weave the essence of coastal Maine into your event, where every moment is a chapter in your story.


Our venue rental fee allows you to embrace the exclusivity of the Craignair Inn and Causeway restaurant. Granting you exclusive use of the space, a coastal fairytale brought to life. Our minimum spending requirement is the threads that stitch together your vision. By meeting a minimum you not only ensure an unforgettable dining experience, but also support traditions and flavor of this breathtaking coast region.

sunset at our restaurant near Rockland, ME

Reserve Your Coastal Retreat at The Craignair Inn

Booking rooms at The Craignair Inn is not just a reservation; it is an invitation to an unforgettable experience. We recognize that event guests relish an intimate and private setting to savor your celebrations and festivities. To provide this exclusive atmosphere, we ask that you reserve the entire inn and Vestry for Friday and Saturday nights if your event falls on a Friday or Saturday. For other days, we kindly ask for a minimum one-night booking, ensuring your event enjoys our undivided attention. Your journey at The Craignair Inn and Causeway promises to be a one-of-a-kind celebration, marked by stunning vistas, cozy retreats, and the joy of sharing your special day in the heart of coastal Maine.