Job Openings

We Are Hiring!

Want to work at a bar with the best view around? Come join us!

About you: Friendly and customer service oriented

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Prepare all drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, according to The Causeway’s recipes and quality standards.
  • Serve ice cream and snacks to walk-up guests in a timely manner.
  • Accept guest payment, process credit cards and charges and make change if applicable.
  • Wash and polish all glassware and bar equipment
  • Thoroughly complete daily stocking


  • Prep garnishes and monitor their quality (nobody likes a brown lime!)
  • Keep clutter down in the bar area and maintain a clean, attractive, and efficient work space.
  • Monitor levels of prebatch backstock.
  • Assist in restocking and replenishment of bar inventory and supplies.

Summary of Position:

Ensure a seamless flow of food from the kitchen to the tables. Provide support to servers, bartenders, and hosts.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Run food to tables when tickets are fulfilled.
  • Communicate with FOH Manager to resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Assist in organization of large group food firing.
  • Be able to explain The Causeway’s concept and practices to customers.
  • Maintain a constant understanding of the most up to date food and beverage menus as well as any and all specials.
  • Be ready and willing to assist fellow servers, bartenders, hosts, bussers, etc. as situations arise.
  • Assist with clearing dishrack, putting dishes away, polishing glassware and silverware.
  • Keep clutter down in the server station and maintain a clean, attractive, and efficient work space.
  • Ensure coffee pots are refilled as necessary.


  • Assist in restocking and replenishment of dry goods, coffee, etc.
  • Help bar with dishes, refilling ice, etc.
  • Assist host with bussing and resetting tables and seating if necessary.
  • Help servers with watering and prebussing tables.
  • Stock pass with any needs for service (ramekins, liners, plates, silverware, condiments, syrups, etc)

Servers at The Causeway work together as a team to create welcoming, relaxed space for guests to enjoy a locally sourced, exceptional meal that is served with warm hospitality that makes for a memorable experience.

Role & Responsibilities:

Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the menu.

Set up restaurant tables for food service.

Promptly greet guests and explain the feature we are offering for the evening.

Answer questions about menu items for guests including sides, preparation style, and ingredients.

Submit orders into the point of sale system and communicate with kitchen about any special dietary needs.

Ensure food is delivered in a timely manner.

Bus tables to be reset.

Wash/polish glassware and silverware.

Create a warm welcoming environment and provide a great experience for guests.

Support fellow servers – we work as a team!

The host warmly greets and seats guests at their tables. The host also helps with bussing and resetting tables in order to ensure proper pacing of the restaurant.


The host responsibilities include:

Before Service:

  • Make sure proper menus are ready for each shift (Lunch, Brunch, Dinner) and check that there are enough menus for service.
  • Help servers with setting up tables, give table flips to servers, and give kitchen list of large parties (6 or more) and their times.


  • Warmly and graciously greet all guests upon arrival.
  • When the restaurant is full, run an efficient and accurate wait list. Do not over or under quote excessively.
  • Bus and reset tables.
  • Follow restaurant policy when seating to ensure smooth flow of service for both FOH and BOH.
  • Upon seating guests, present menus, check table for presentation and completeness, inform them their server will be right with them, and pour water. (Or some subset of these if tables are pre-set.)
  • Monitor dining room to assess wait time.
  • Communicate pertinent information to servers, bartenders, and kitchen.
  • Thank guests as they leave and invite them to return.




  • If possible and reasonable, accommodate special guest requests i.e., window table, not family table, outside, etc.
  • Understand all restaurants policies regarding reservations.



  • At the end of each night, report to manager on duty and kitchen total number of covers.
  • Keep host stand neat and clean.
  • Neatly stack menus at the end of each shift.
  • Maintain knowledge of any special events/menus/holidays and any accompanying changes to reservation rules.