Meet Chef Fernando Ferreira

Fernando’s guiding principle is to keep his creations fresh and simple and cook with respect and love. He says he first learned this lesson from his mother and grandmother. Although his family moved to South America during World War II, they never lost their taste for Italian cooking. “Every Sunday, my mother and grandmother would make big pasta dinners,” he says of his earliest memories in the kitchen.

In Uruguay, where he was born, and later in Venezuela, Fernando also learned the fine nuances of grilling meat from his father.

He eventually moved to Puerto Rico with his family and went to high school and college there. Following his graduation from the Culinary Institute of America, he started his career as a chef in the United States. For more than 30 years, Fernando has been developing his own unique approach to the culinary arts, with an infusion of flavors and techniques from every place he has lived and worked from Miami, New York, Memphis, Raleigh, and Maine. To really experience a place, he says you have to “eat what the locals eat, and where the locals eat.”

We are thrilled to welcome Chef Fernando and sous chef Marta to our slice of paradise here at the Craignair Inn and The Causeway Restaurant. He has brought a much-needed sense of lightheartedness to the kitchen this year!

Stop in for dinner or brunch to meet Fernando.